Hi I am Amy,

It's strange writing your own 'about' page but I believe, especially when it comes to art, that you need to understand an artists passion and drive, in order to get a full idea of the concept behind the work.

First of all I can't take full credit for my work as Amy (me) and Maye (my daughter) are what makes Amy Maye art.

She is the inspiration of it all.


I come from an artistic and creative bloodline, my grandfather was an artist - with an expo at Tate Modern St. Ives - and my grandmother was a published author and poet - she wrote a book about St. Ives artist Bryan Pierce - , my dad had his own advertising company and my mother is a very good painter herself. Drawing, writing, making things has always been part of my life. It gets me out of my head and into something that comes totally natural to me. Time flies by. I forget my worries. I live in the now. 

And living in the now is what make me happy the most. Therefore I have decided to follow my 'now', follow my dreams and share my art with the world.

Enjoy it, love it, look at it, share it but I really hope when you look at my artwork hanging in your home or office space that you stop what you are doing and feel the presence of the now. I hope I can take you out of your head and into your heart for just a second. 

If that happens, my job is done.

With love, Amy